Deep transformative knowing is accessed through meditation, which is why mystics are so often meditators.

True meditation is a direct experience of who you truly are. It is an experience of pure being and it is the way we tap into the infinite field of possibility. Without accessing this realm, change remains incremental rather than transformative.

Heart meditation brings an illuminated mind through a radiant and awake heart. It radiates the frequency of love. While essentially very similar, with common experiences of freedom and vastness, heart meditation is fast track. It very quickly brings joy, compassion, gratitude, a sense of connectedness and peace.

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The Golden Breath: Breathe into your beautiful heart. It is a portal through which love heals and purifies.

Who Am I?: Be guided into a transcendent experience of who you truly are beyond your mind, emotions and body.

Universal I: As Emerson says, “You are vast”. Feel your vastness as the universal One with no other.

Your Light Body:  As the creative principle, access your multidimensional self exploring the intuitive and enlightening wisdom of your imagination.

Chakra: Activate your 7 chakras to their highest expression, with music from Darpan inspired by the essence of each energy centre.

You may care to explore these guided meditations in conjunction with the Essences. They are created to enhance the meditations so that you experience your essence.

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