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It’s time to learn how to create the most exquisitely beautiful experience of reality beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

The Knowing Heart eCourse is a foundation course and serves as the underpinnings for the radical shift required to evolve into a new consciousness. Our future and the sustainability of life on this planet can now only be achieved on this basis. Our activism begins within. Until we can truly be the peace we wish to see, there is no possibility of meaningful change.

Purchase of The Knowing Heart eCourse provides registered access for one year to the eight online modules complete with video, audio, practices and processes.

All modules are also available for download as PDF’s with audio and video files.

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Product Description

What if there was a way to access your essence instantly?

What if there was a way of accessing guidance and insight effortlessly?

The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.”      Blaise Pascal

The new science of the heart gives proof to Blaise Pascal’s famous words. And yet the intelligence of the heart is barely recognised. Without it, the shift prophesied for this pivotal time teeters on the brink.

This is a course in the power of love. It reorients you from a psychological perspective of separation to the mystic perspective of unity and love. It teaches you how to access this mysterious creative force so that you can change your life miraculously.

Without a much bigger picture than the one you currently have, you cannot access your full power and beauty.

Utilising insights from neurocardiology and quantum physics:

  1. Identify what defines you and how this limits you
  2. Awaken from the trance
  3. Cultivate your vibrational signature

This course is highly practical and serves as an introduction to your true Self. Recognising that we are so much more is the way we tap into the infinite Field of possibility. There are:

  • 40 videos
  • 10 audios
  • 11 “actively engage” exercises
  • 5 tools for transformation

Binding it together is the text taking you on a journey: the hero’s journey to your very own holy grail, where doors will open for you that where not there before.

Sneak Preview

To enhance your intuitive experiences, you may wish to consider buying the set of Love’s Alchemy Flower Essences. Recommendations are given for their use in the course.

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