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Essences are intentional: the direct communication between nature and us. We connect with the frequency of Earth, the Great Mother, through these essences. They help you connect with your elemental or indigenous self, and in this way the Great Mother heals her child. Love’s Alchemy flower essences are for awakening, helping you healing the trance of your psychological self and open to your Universal Self.

You may purchase the Set of Flower Essences which includes Stop and DropsUniversal I and Eternal Love for the special price of $50.00

For customers within Japan, please visit our Japanese distributor to purchase the Essences online.

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Product Description

Eternal Love Flower Essence: An extremely spiritual essence with a very high frequency of love’s deepest calling. Awakens the heart centre to divine love. Brings peace and awareness of our true nature as love in living form. Invokes the full power of love to transform every thought, feeling, word and action to reflect the unlimited power of the Divine.

Stop and Drops Flower Essence: Stops you identifying with your psychological self and drops you into the silence of your heart. Rescues you from separation, fear, self-doubt and misidentification. Purifies inappropriate feelings and beliefs about yourself. Brings a profound awareness of “There is nothing wrong and nothing missing”.

Universal I Flower Essence: Opens you to your Universal Self. Excellent to experience the vastness of your being, your multidimensional self. Connects to your Oneness with all realms from earthly to celestial. To quote Emerson, “I am vast.” Accesses the intuitive wisdom of the “still small voice” and the transfer of knowledge from the Akashic records – the record of all records.


9th Chakra Crystal Essence: This essence is very powerful, helping you feel your 9th Chakra, your energy centre as Earth. It brings a much deeper relationship with nature, her seasons and elements. It is excellent for:

  • truth speaking, both with others and yourself
  • journeying between the dimensions through your intuition. It is used to access information from the universal mind the Akashic Records – to help us regain the lost consciousness of indigenous wisdom
  • overcoming fear around death, your own and others who have or are about to cross
  • shape shifting. For example, being invisible when you need to be; holding space strongly in the boardroom meeting; raising your glamour; or expressing your happy, playful child
  • regulating emotions, especially petty ones. For example, a person who is very attached to their sad story or wound is able to let it go surprisingly easily
  • intensify inspiration through nature spirits and elemental beings, bringing awareness of the presence of these beings into your daily life. For example, it helps with animal communication and recognising how our beloved pets support us, even taking on our diseases. It also helps us be receptive to our power animals and animal medicine
  • closing the gap of separation from Nature. Everything in nature is supporting our evolution or the evolution of consciousness. Everything is about evolving and aligning with the frequency of love. Animals, plants, dolphins and whales all support us all the time. Even when animals suffer, they do so, so that we can help them. And in helping them, we evolve.
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