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It is a book to be absorbed rather than read from an intellectual perspective. You will have the sensation of being guided along a pathway by a trusted and delightful friend. One who has already undertaken the journey and is familiar with the territory of transformation. Although peace and tranquility permeate the text, the ideas presented are at once compelling and challenging. If you are willing to receive then into your heart, your perception of yourself and your world could be changed forever. And, you may indeed find yourself falling into love…

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“As a practical application of love, both personal and global, I found this book riveting. It spoke to me in a voice I instantly recognised and have always known in my heart.”     Judy Cassab.

“In this inspiring book, Sky writes profound words of truth drawn from all perspectives, from Psalms to Helen Keller to Alice in Wonderland, and through her own personal journal of awakening. The result is a source of peace and deeper surrender to the mystery that calls us home.”     Gangaji

“Love’s Alchemy is an experience that no one should miss. I cannot think of a better companion to have than this book. It truly enlightens.”     Gillian Helfgott

“I have read your book daily, slowly and with relish, and when I finished a week or so ago I turned right around and began it again. It has inspired such depth, and new heights, in my meditation and spiritual insight, more that I could ever describe in words. I am so grateful that you shared your spiritual path and your knowledge with me and with the world. Thank you so much!”     Fox Hutt

Love’s Alchemy is the definitive book on love as the conduit by which we access Source. With the spiritual rigour of Eckhart Tolle and the grace of Marianne Williamson, Sky explores the mystery of love’s powerful alchemy and how it transforms our minds and our experiences in all aspects of our lives – work, play, health and relationships.

Using simple, intuitive practices through heart awareness, this book brings you to a deep understanding of your beauty, your intelligence and your life purpose. In a fear-driven, complex and rapidly changing world, Love’s Alchemy is a message that is gentle, yet irresistible, for those who still yearn for true healing and happiness, not just personally but for all.

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